2 DIY Earphone Holder Ideas!

‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته Hello! 

Welcome back!

It feels so long since I did a DIY idea post on my blog. And yeah! It’s a different thing to be able to make something on your own even when you know you’ll be able to get that in your local store. Isn’t it? 

I’m halfway through my exams, theory done and practicals to go from tomorrow onwards. And when that is over, you’ll get to see more interesting posts!😉

This time I’m back with 2 ideas for making DIY Earphone holders. I have badly felt the need to own one because I find it so frustrating when I find my earphone to be super-tangled, especially in public. So here are two ideas to make one for yourself!

You’ll need:

foam paper of desired colour


Glue gun or any other strongly adhesive glue


Velcro or a press button


1. Cut out a rectangle of 12cm*7cm on the foam sheet. Then fold it into half on the longer side because you want it to stay sturdy. Also 2 small strips of 3cm*1cm and 8cm*1cm. 

2. Then glue the two inner sides together sandwiching a part of the straps between the two sides. To add a finishing look, using a bottle cap as your guide, curve the edges.

Then make a 1cm*0.5cm cut on the both the longer sides. This is the gap to tuck in the earphone as you begin to wind it.

3. Now ,according to the size of the strap end add a piece of velcro to it for adhesiveness. I glued my velcro to it. You could also add a press button as an alternative.

And there! You have it! Wind your earbuds around it and you’re good to go! 💙


You’ll need: 

Foam sheets or a thick fabric

Glue gun or adhesive glue



1. On the foam sheet or cloth, cut out 2 circles of 3.5cm radius. Then, cut out a strip of 3cm*1cm.

2. Fold one circle into half and cut out a small portion of its centre in the middle without including its ends. (The picture might help=P)

3. Fold the rectangular strip into half and glue it to the inner side of the circle at the edge like in the picture. Then glue the two circles together at their edges.

Ta-daa! The loop on it is totally optional. You’ll need that if you are going to attach this to your keyring or bagpack zipper. Now, wind your earphones in it and carry these tangle-free earphones on your go!

Here’s some more of what it looks life. 

Yes! I’m done! That’s all for this weeks post:D Let me know if you’ve any suggestions or any other ideas to keep your earphones tangle-free! 

Until next time,


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