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And welcome back to my channel!⛄️

First of all, apologies for such a long delay in posting. The past two weeks have been a little chaotic for me and thus the late post. And like I always tell , blogging isn’t all, our families need our time, we’ve new people to meet, weddings to attend and some serious studies to get done. Don’t you agree?

I’ve been wanting to share something else here but like anybody else, I was finding myself facing a dip in motivation. I can’t sit back let time heal my lack of motivation this time, because exams are just a couple of days away. So, I have been hunting for study motivation at every possible place imaginable. So I decided to pen about how I pump my study motivation so that BOTH of us are motivated!🙌🏻

I’ve done a few study related posts on my blog some time ago. And I had people tell me how they find such posts inspiring and how they reread the same posts every time they are preparing to face a test. That boosts up my confidence and leaves my so happy. So that is why you see more of such posts- in case you are wondering!:)

So all stories aside- let’s jump right in!

1. Think of WHY you are studying! 💭

I have done this countless number of times. I sit down with a blank paper in front of me and visualise what I can achieve by studying hard. Sometimes, it’s because I want to be like someone I know whom I adore for their profession, or sometimes I just want to prove some people wrong, get admission to a particular college or make my parents proud or something like that. Sometimes I paste that paper in my journal or on my vision board or sometimes just throw away. Whatever it is, the idea was to remind ourselves of the purpose to study. Checkout my journal or vision board setting ideas also if you are interested!

2. Hunt inspiration!⚓️

I subscribe to a few Youtube channels that I find absolutely motivational for studying, some bloggers, Tumblr and Pinterest boards. Sometimes just the way some people organise their study area and stationary itself pushes you to action. Check out my inspiration  and Study motivation board on Pinterest here- if you are interested!

3. Gadgets made study friendly!📱

This is a tip I came across on a Youtube video long ago. The tip is to make your phone and laptop wallpaper of some study motivational quote or even a some scene that sets your mood to study. This way, every time you try to unlock your phone, you are subconsciously reminded to study.

4. Study timetable and everyday goals!📆

Like I mentioned in my post on setting a study schedule, life gets so much rewarding if you have everyday goals. There a sense of accomplishment that leaves wanting to study the next day too.

5. Start with the smallest bites!📕

I’ve heard people say that you should study the harder chapters first and then the smaller. But I disagree. I find things so much easier when I do the small, interesting chapters first and then once I’m done with these as quick as possible I’ve my own sweet time to munch down the harder chapters, plus I can fully focus on that without any worry or distraction. This also makes you feel like C’MON YOU CAN DO THIS!

6. Reward yourself!🎁

The study schedule I mentioned requires you to break down complex concepts into small portions so that you hit them everyday. So set small rewards for yourself if you accomplish them each day. Maybe it’s like ,a pizza for 2 chapters or use phone for 30 min or something you are looking forward to.

7. Get set, GO!✨

If you are so drained of any motivation, clean up your surroundings, your study desk, arrange all the books you’ll need to go through ,get all the stationary and set the space. Maybe , you’ll also want to take a good bath and jump into some comfortable clothes before you sit down. Also stack a water bottle and some snacks you’ll need along.

I guess that’s all I’ve got for this time. Share in the comments below if you have a motivational tip that I have missed out!

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I’ll see you in my nextpost!👋🏻



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