Productivity tip#2 + DIY VISION BOARD 📋

‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته

Welcome back!

Time is slipping by and I’m feeling like I can’t relax- there’s so much more I’ve got to do in the coming days. Plus, all I can foresee is challenges, exams and more exams, work and hustle for the rest of the year. So, can you see why I think I should be embracing more productivity as each day ticks by? Yes, let me share another productivity tip for the time being. And that is….
Set your focus for every single day. Whaat? I know you’re hearing this for the hundred and tenth time probably. But that’s not what I mean. Listen.

The action plan I’m suggesting you is to wake up every morning (or even the night before) and jot down 3 important tasks you are going to get accomplished that day. Place a pile of stick notes on your bed side table or work area and pull a note every day. If you’ve never spared a thought on your long term goals and you do not know what you want to achieve- setting this right is Step number ONE. Then think of top 3 things you can get done in the day. It does not have to be goals like ‘Finish reading a 300 page book’ or ‘hit the gym for one and half hour’. It could be simple and minimal steps you can possibly take towards your bigger dreams. Let me paint this to you with instances, if you are a blogger , your one day goal could be ‘ read and comment on 6 blog posts’. Or if you are a student ,’Read 2 chapters of Pharmacology’. Or something like ‘Deep clean every drawer’, ‘Help mom cook’, ‘smile at every person I meet today’, ‘try not to get angry’. Or if you are just a lazy bum, ‘watch 2 motivational videos’. Could be anything and anything. But in the right direction. That’s all that matters in the end.

Not just one. Three. Find 3 goals every single day. Jot them down. Paste these sticky notes on a spot you cannot possibly miss a look on.

This helps you to wake up to a purpose. And wake up with determination. Trust me! Once you start executing this seemingly well, you’ll feel one step closer to a Productivity Guru. So cheers!
This should be the most appropriate blog post to share this motivation hack. I’ve seen several people use one but didn’t really feel like I need one until I read chapter 16 (Have Visions) of Lilly Singh’s book. For a lil’ bit of an introduction, a Vision board is a board, a cardboard or chalkboard or any kind of surface where you can paste images and ideas of whatever you want achieve in life and any motivation you might need on the way. Why? You may ask. In the shortest possible way, Lilly answers this like this:

First of all, a vision board gives you clarity about what your goals are. Secondly, a vision board helps you be self aware of how you define your success. Thirdly, a vision board allows you to be constantly reminded of what you want to be in life.

Now, imagine, it is your vision to be the CEO of a company in future. So, you put a picture of the CEO’s desk on your vision board. Now, if you are taking a test on Business studies tomorrow and it’s already 11:30 and the bed seems to be the most amazing place you could ever be on the face of this earth, one LOOK at the vision board might set you right! I’m not telling that this might work for every one of us, but it can definitely help so many.

I made myself a small sized vision board because I didn’t want a big billboard kind of thing to sit straight above my study area. This is how I made one:

I used cardboard to cut out a hexagon with each side measuring 11.5 centimetres. Then I covered it up with a cloth. Since it was easy damage-able, I then covered it with a saran wrap. Thick Tapestry with interesting patterns are best. Paste this somewhere you’ll see often and be reminded of your goals.

Now, take a moment and breathe in and out, think of all the things you ever wish to be, run and make a vision board!

Life gets so interesting when you wake up to smash your goals. Don’t snuggle in those comfy blankets forever. Get up and get work done! Go!

Check out my Productivity tip#1 if you already haven’t done so👇🏻🏆/

If you are confused on how to go about with long term goals, check out my earlier post👇🏻⏰/

May you have a productive week ahead!

I’ll see you in my next post!


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