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Welcome back to my blog!🖊

This is the first time,I can possibly remember that I’m actually preparing for my exams this early. Wow! I feel proud of myself:D I’m the ‘last-minute’ die-hard kind of person when it comes to exams. I have kind-of made it all along, but this semester I’ve been extra casual than usual, plus, I can foresee some things that can steal away my time when exams are nearing and so I’m already preparing for it!

So, this is going to be a post on how you can plan for an exam which is more than 2 weeks away. If exams are in less than two weeks, these strategies might not work. This is for people who are planning to be early birds (at least for the FIRST time in their life) this time and have their own sweet time. So,let’s get started!

First, I’m going to show you how I make a planner for my exams. This time, my exam is scheduled for the last two weeks of August. The planner I’m about to show you is for my study plan for only this month. The preparation in the last two weeks should get more hectic. Obviously.

Before I even begin to study, I need to declutter the space that I’m going to use as a study area. I like being consistent with the same place. It could be different for different people. I’m that kind of person that cannot think properly or focus when my surroundings are a mess. So I set up the study area and bring in all the stationaries I’ll need along.

Now I write down all subjects I need to cover to crack the exams. Then, make a list of topics you’ve got to do or open the index of the textbook and underline or highlight those chapters. First step- CHECK! Now, you’re aware of the height of the mountain you’ve got to climb over.

Take five minutes to think of the duration you’ll need to spend on each chapter. Also, stop by to think any days in the month you’ll not be able to study( a wedding coming up, any other appointments) and also days you’ll badly need a break. Draw out a table for the month (cross off all the ‘break’ and ‘can’t-study’ days) like below. This is your ‘Planner skeleton’. You don’t have to make it this funky:P

Now take small chunks of your topics and serve them all across the days to come in your planner. I suggest you give ‘as much time as possible’ for each topic. This helps when in case you are not able to finish a topic before the deadline, you still have time to go. For keeping that motivation ignited;)

I usually mix and match and then put some interesting topics in the midst of the those that I detest the most. Beginning well beforehand should make sure that you don’t skip any chapters intentionally or even unintentionally.

Review this planner once again to see if everything is ‘do-able’.

Bonus: Write a motivational quote beneath the planner. Hang the planner in a place around your study area so that you keep seeing it.

I usually circle that date off this planner if I was able to accomplish my to-do for the day. Honestly, this ‘circling’ thing at the end of the day is something that I look foreword to. It’s super-satisfying!

I must say this. I may not be able to finish the portions within the deadline. It happens. Most of the time, in fact. But I believe, that’s totally okay. And then I don’t linger around the same topic anymore, I move on to what comes in the schedule next. I teach myself ‘Stop worrying about what’s left behind, instead focus on what’s ahead of you’.

For me, it works out with just writing the chapter headings on this planner. In case I want a more detailed division of topics- that goes in my daily planner which I mentioned in this post few months ago. Experiment and find out what’s comfortable for you!

Make notes wherever you need them -highlight, underline, ask questions, google it out and adopt the type of method in which you enjoy studying.

Wait. What did I just say? Enjoy? Yes.

It is not everyday that I feel inspired to study. Like they say, ‘Even Santa has bad days’. But I train myself not to sit back idly. I remind myself that I need to pump inspiration, especially when exams are round the corner. There are a few youtube channels I am hooked onto for study motivation purposes, few Pinterest boards and also some books. I go through those pictures and books, highlight those lines that drive me into action and I’m usually set.🙌🏻

I’m clearly NOT a ‘Study Guru’ myself. All I’m doing is sharing my way of doing it. Share in the comments below if you’ve a different technique or idea.

I’m not sure,but I am hoping to do some more study related posts on my blog before my exams. There are tons of ways to study a concept. This is what works for me. But you could always try it out.

Happy stuDYING:D📚

I’ll see you in my next post!

Bye! 💌



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  1. I was once also a last-minute cramming-gods-please-help-me kind of student before but as my program got harder, surviving on cramming wasn’t enough. And like, W.O.W I’m always in awe of people who could be organized at studying. I don’t think I’ll be able to apply this in mine, though there are certain ideas you shared that I’m interested in like, being aware of the huge mountain you need to climb over and studying the topics in small chunks 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I survived doing all those little study tricks and tips at the last minute all my life. Now, I’m in medschool and it simply doesn’t work out. I’m trying to teach myself discipline and consistency in studies because what I learn now is supposed to go a ling way. It’s different for different people-what works and what does not work. Thanks for taking the time to comment!❤️☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same here, I really want to teach myself discipline and prioritizing when it comes to studies. And no problem! It was an interesting read and I love study-related posts 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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