Outdoor decor DIYs🍃

‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته 

Welcome back!

I am home for a few days and As you can see, I am impacted by my mum’s garden. She has a HUGE variety of herbs and flowers in there. All I could think of was how to fit in some DIY into the space:P If you are wondering why this post is here, let me tell you, it’s just ‘coz I blog about pretty much anything that’s happening in my life;D

So, I have two decor ideas to share with you this time, one of it is the Key Wind Chime and the other a Virtual Bird House!

Key Wind Chime 🗝

All you need is a bunch of old, unwanted keys ,some paint and brush and some yarn/thread.

1. Paint the keys with different colours of your choice. I used the pearl acrylic colours so that the keys glitter under the shining sun. 

2. Put them out to dry.

3. Once they are completely dry, attach them to some yarn and hang them around the same level on the branch of a tree or some kind of support .

Woo-hoo. My mum absolutely ❤️ ed it. I have attached a picture of how it looks from a distance. Now I am waiting for a breeze to blow to hear the jingle of the keys.✌🏻

Next, moving on to the Virtual Bird House. 🐣This is not made with the intention of attracting birds or as bird nest or whatever. This is only meant to liven up the space. In any case, We have two other bird nests in case some bird wishes to stay over:P

You will need some thermocole sheets, extractor knife, some yarn, paint and brush and glue.

1. You could cut 4 squares of 5*5 cm and 1 square of 6*6 cm and attach the 4 sides and make a base out the larger square. Then cut 2 rectangles of 2.5*5 cm to serve as the sloppy roofs. Or if you live in a place where there is no much rain and a weather that cardboards can withstand, you could definitely use any small boxes like gift boxes or empty perfume boxes to name a few. I could save a lot of trouble as I was fortunate to find myself a block of thermocole. I then, cut and attached a larger sheet for the base.

2. Paint the roof red and the rest yellow or brown. Or you could also paint the whole thing blue. Totally up to you! Also paint a black circle on both the sides for the bird house entry. Or you could cut them out

3. Tie a string to it for the purpose of hanging. Since I used a block ,there was no way I could make a firm hanging. So I had to use multiple threads for the same. 

Waah! A piece of DIY makes the rest of the space perfect! That’s all for this time. I am hoping to get back to you guys with a bunch of more outdoor DIYs in a few months or so. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think of it! 


I’ll see you very soon!👋🏻


9 thoughts on “Outdoor decor DIYs🍃

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  1. The wind chime is beautiful…..I just wanted to know if u can put them all a single yarn coz I have a single peg ….so can I use a circular base and weave the yarn through that for the keys? Will it work?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!❤️
      I’m not sure I got ur question. If you put all the keys on a single yarn through its hole, it would sure be pretty! But I guess it wont produce the jingle when the wind blows🙂


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