Its about 9 pm. Everything had gone well today. Productive day, I should say. I picked up a novel by quite a famous author. Book cover seems pleasing. Nice title too. I should probably start reading this. I thought. I walked back to my bed with my eyes fixed on the first chapter. Its about an office-going girl somewhere in her twenties. Flips about two or three pages. Maybe I should read it before bedtime. I threw the book on my pillow and moved on. Few minutes later, I feel a bit uneasy. As though something was wrong. I rewind my thoughts. What could have happened? I was in my best moods today. The book. Maybe it’s that. I am lost in some random thoughts for a little while. SNAP! I decide not to read it further. At least not now.
I’m sure it’s not just me who struggles with odd thoughts like these in life. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be at a place, I shouldn’t hang out with some people, do what someone is asking me to do and so on. I am by no means telling you not to listen to anybody, find excuses all the time or not to accept challenges in life. No! Don’t get me wrong. Let me get my point straight across. You don’t have to do anything just because somebody expects you to or give in to someone’s influence. If you don’t feel right about something or if you are able to foresee some kind of evil in store for you, don’t bother about the ‘what will ‘they’ think’. Over the years, I have learnt to trust my gut feelings and have no regrets later.
Listen. I was not always like this. I would easily give in. I wanted to ‘camouflage’ within my bunch of friends. Blame my age in those days. So I would not bother my intuitions. Until one day, that I can still clearly remember when my eighth grade teacher called me and said “Even I was someone like you. I did not know how to say NO. But it was too late by the time I realised I should have. The moment you feel something is not write, don’t get stuck. Put a full stop to it.” She was setting my thoughts right. Sometimes, it’s okay to agree to disagree.
On the flip side, we have put ourselves to believe in the power of thinking but we underplay our feelings. Neuroscience claims that intuitions form an essential part of our thinking. Intuitions are basically those nagging gut feelings you develop when you are doing something. Some say it is as though they are bits of informations stored in some dusty corner of our brain that we rarely tend to use. So when we get them , we should probably try attending to this quiet, wise voice in the head and quieten the loud voice of logic. 
One reason why going by your gut feeling is the best thing to do in most cases is because feelings don’t lie. Just because something looks right ,it doesn’t necessarily have to be what you are engaged in. Gut feelings are said to grow with experience. That means more experience,more accurate gut feelings. They give you warning signals most of the time-that ‘This doesn’t seem right’ kind of feeling. The one feeling when you say ‘ I’ve got butterflies in my stomach’. Scientists treat the gut to have a mind of its own- though the signals come from the brain. Living by gut feelings might not be the best things all the time,but definitely MOST of the time. People who lack intuitions are said to be cognitively paralysed. 
Intuitions are more than just feelings. They alter the decisions you make, acts like danger radar and informs you that your body or mind is ‘under stress’. Don’t do things with closed eyes and say ‘But the whole world is doing it’. That’s not an excuse good enough. You get gut feelings for a reason. Don’t ignore them. End the battle between your mind and gut ,listen to your gut and live a much more passionate life.
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  1. What a lovely post. I do trust my gut feelings! There have been many times when I have spent the whole day thinking something would go wrong way before it did. But then, I was right. There’s also some sort of premonition side to it, isn’t there. We sometimes know how something is going to turn out. How? We just know. Has that happened to you? I really enjoyed reading this post. xx

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    1. It happens to me most of the time. I would just sense some thing wrong with things even before it happens. That’s so interesting, how it happens. Thank you for taking your time to leave a comment here!:)

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      1. Way to go, sticking with the No ‘Poo movement. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to do it. Maybe not.And I absolutely LOVE the sunglasses. They really don’t look too big for your face (or sooiceconomic boundaries). Keep them and wear them. 🙂


  2. Hey Carole-Well- you can get creative with it. I’ll have a little gallery on the Cake Patterns facebook page. You can print them out and take a picture, or cut and paste the individual pieces elrcetonically to make a jpg, if that’s your thing. No stress! Five already- well done, you’ve found the ones I’ve hidden so far!


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