World’s Easiest Frappuccino Ever!🍺

‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته
Last week, I was at home for 2 days and it was so much more hotter there. I do not know if I should say this, but I was literally sweating like a pig:D And then I decided to treat myself to a cold, cold frappuccino. Here’s how I made the worlds’ most easiest Frappuccino ever!☺️


You will need:
◽️ice cubes
☕️coffee mixed with hot water
🍨vanilla ice cream -2 cups(or even milk)
🍚 sugar- 1-2 tablespoons
🍫 Hershey’s chocolate syrup- 2 tablespoons

1. Add some ice cubes to the blender.


2. Pour some coffee.


3. Add the ice cream.


4. Add sugar.


5. Add some chocolate syrup.


6. Blend well!


7. Add some whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top before serving.
Trust me, it was super easy to prepare at the same time sooo satisfying. Make yourself one and go out and have a drink under the sun.

I’ll see you in my next post!👋🏻


10 thoughts on “World’s Easiest Frappuccino Ever!🍺

Add yours

  1. This looks AMAZING! How come I only just saw it now! I can’t wait to try it!

    I’m not a fan of chocolate sauce though, would it be tasty without do you think? Or I could add honey instead?


    1. Thank you! Go ahead!
      You could make yourself a vanilla flavoured one by opting to use vanilla extract instead of the chocolate syrup.(in case, you like vanilla) or any other flavour like strawberries or so. I’m not sure about the honey though.🙂

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