‘Free’ time?⏳

Hello! And welcome back to my blog! It feels like forever since I did my last post. I'm sorry, I just got stuck up in the little chaos of my life. Anyway, this is going to one of posts on adding some extra productivity to our lives. In my life, I have come across quite... Continue Reading →



Its about 9 pm. Everything had gone well today. Productive day, I should say. I picked up a novel by quite a famous author. Book cover seems pleasing. Nice title too. I should probably start reading this. I thought. I walked back to my bed with my eyes fixed on the first chapter. Its about... Continue Reading →

DIY Canvas Art 🌴

السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته Hello! & Welcome back! After about two days of total lack of any motivation, I decided to make a comeback with a DIY room decor art. I felt I cannot just sit back and wait for inspiration to descend and felt the urge to do something creative. Plus, I... Continue Reading →

Feeling Uninspired?

I can relate to this so much. Beautifully written thoughts.❤️ Could not stop from reblogging.✌🏻

Currently, Lately

Do you ever have one of those days when you’ve got a million things you could be getting done, but have absolutely no inspiration? One of those days where even the simplest of tasks seems challenging and you can’t seem to get yourself to concentrate?

Currently, I’m having one of those days.

I’ve tried virtually everything to get myself to focus. I’ve gone for a run, drank coffee, and read a book, but nothing has seemed to put me in an attentive mood. It’s beyond frustrating, considering how much work I could be finishing up if I was in the right mentality.

Every now and then, I think it’s natural for us to feel uninspired. For me, creativity and motivation come in doses. One moment I feel like I can accomplish a thousand things at a time, the next I’m struggling to complete one.

And while I realize that inspiration…

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