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Hello and welcome back to my blog!✌🏻

At least for the last couple of years, I’ve noticed myself in a state of quest for more productivity and organisation in my life. And I, by all means, look up to people who are able to schedule their lives and squeeze a 110% from the 24 hours they have at hand. If there’s one thing every human has without any bias, that ought to be TIME. Then, have you ever wondered, how some people get an incredible amount of things done while others just witness time fly by?⏳

Soo…big news folks! This is going to be my first post of my new series on Productivity Boosters. Let’s begin this off with tip no.1 which is
‘ Know where to multi task and single task’.

Few years ago, I remember having read an article that appeared in Readers’ Digest where it said that multitasking is ineffective and slows down productivity. But now, I have mixed thoughts on this subject and have decided to pen on the same.
One crucial tip to make constructive use of your time is to know how to proceed with a task at hand. More clearly, whether to chose multi tasking over single tasking or vice versa. What I have learned over the course of time is that when your task involves a lot of brain activity and cognition, do not give it a second thought, go for single tasking. You cannot be studying for a test and watching a video simultaneously. Or you cannot be at your workplace doing some important accounting while you are on a call or having chatty conversations with a friend. Or even better, you should NOT be texting and driving📵.We may claim to have done stunts like these, but trust me, it brings down the potential results. What is important, is IMPORTANT. They require attention, focus and NO distractions.

But on the other side, I have experimented multi tasking on many occasions. And it has NOT always been a no. When you are not in a hurry, and wish to relax, you could definitely try out some form of multi tasking. This, I feel, could make some terribly boring chores to seem interesting. When you feel the job at hand does not require any conscious thinking and focus but you could still get it done subconsciously, why not get something interesting to fuse with it?
When you’ve got hell loads to write for no other purpose under the sun except completion sake, why not listen to an audio, speech, TEDx talk or maybe even an audiobook? Or maybe when you have to get a handwritten article typed straight on your laptop, why not phone a friend and make such a dull chore seem more engaging?
But again, like researches show, there’s no multitasking in fact. What we are capable of is ‘serial tasking’. Our brain isn’t capable of handling more than one thought at once. So even when we multitask, our brain is switching back and forth between the two. But when the two chores involve 2 entirely different areas of the brain, is where multi tasking seems to work.

The whole idea I am trying to communicate is that, there’s no absolute rule to single/multi task. You’ve got to be the boss to decide which one to head on with. It depends much on the kind of work you have got to accomplish. And no matter what, you grow with every experience, so don’t be afraid to experiment what works best for you!

I’ll see you in my next post.



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    1. Hmm it looks like your site ate our first review (it was super lengthy) i really guess I’ll just sum it up what My spouse and i submitted as well as say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I way too am a good aspiring website blogger however I’m still a new comer to everything. Do you have any reocmmendations for novice weblog writers? I’d really regards.

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      1. Alhamdhulillah. I am glad to know you like the blog. Jazak Allahul khair for taking time to read through the articles.

        I would advice a novice writer to remember why they started the blog. Portray through words, things they want to voice about. Don’t compare and do your best. insha Allah, a good work will always be recognized.

        By the way I consider myself as a novice writer! I would appreciate suggestions to improve. 🙂

        First review! I scanned through your blog, failed to see it. Looking forward to read.

        I love your blog a lot. With colors, food and advices to improve, soon it would have several followers. Barakallahumma fih.💝🌹

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