DIY Storage Box!💛

IMG_0804‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته
Welcome back to my blog!

This time, I have for you ,a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this cute little DIY storage box!
Before I tell you how to ‘build’ one for yourself, let me tell you how it worked for me. Few days ago, I remembered that I had about 4 plastic boxes of dried fruits that I had nicely preserved long ago hoping that I could give it a rebirth in the form of a DIY. I do not know if I should say this, I do not toss anything into the dustbin without giving it a second thought. Who knows? Maybe you could transform into something priceless!
Then, as I rummaged through my ‘junk collection’, my eyes fell upon the little cardboard box in which I had my contact lenses delivered some time ago. I attempted to stuff 3 of those plastic boxes inside this bigger box and ta-daa, it was perfect! That’s how the story unfolds…
So you will need,
📦 empty boxes of chocolates/biscuits (any size, in twos or threes or more(depending on the number of drawers you want ))
🗳 a bigger box that can fit in the smaller boxes you have at hand. You could even cut 5 cardboard sheets and glue their sides and make one to fit in all your drawers.
Cardboard sheet
📿 few beads
✂️ scissors
Scrap paper or white sheets
🎨 paint and brush


1. I took each of the 3 plastic boxes and cut its one side open( the side that should serve to put things in). Do the same with the bigger box- open up one side completely.
2. Now place the small box inside the bigger box and measure the space it takes up horizontally. Cut off the excess.


3. Cut 2 sheets from cardboard or thick paper to serve as a barrier in between the drawers. I cut 2 of them from chocolate boxes. Then I placed all the 3 drawers-to-be boxes and approximated the place where these sheets should be placed, marked them and glued them in.


4. As there was space left on the sides of each drawer, I cut small squares out of the cardboard sheets ,stacked and glued 2 of them and then glued them on to the sides of each drawer on both the sides equally. Ah! Now the drawers are secure.


5. You could choose to paint the whole thing or wrap it completely with a scrap paper or washi tape. I was in the process of experimenting, so I wrapped them completely in white paper and then painted the whole thing yellow! 🙂


6. Glue a button or bead to the centre of each drawer for ease of pulling and pushing it. Add your taste of decorations on it and make it unique.


You could make them in any sizes you wish to depending on the boxes of biscuits you have stored:P
I apologise in advance if I have fallen short in describing the process. You can always drop in your questions in the comment box below and I will be happy to clarify it for you. And I hope the pictures shed light on the process, if not my explanation:/
I’ve decided to use this to store my bead head pins, bobby pins, rings and so on. And I loved the way it turned out!💛


I’ll see you soon in my next post!
Bye! 👋🏻


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