‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته
Welcome back to my blog!
I don’t exactly remember since when I have fallen into the habit of a bedtime routine, anyway, it has been a couple of months, I believe. All my life, I used to be the one who would just crash straight into the bed -whenever I felt like doing so. But, now, I have realised that incorporating certain routines before bedtime can reward you with a restful and relaxing sleep for the day:)
So here are the to-do’s before you hit your bed:
1. Prep-up for tomorrow!
Take a break, breathe out, relax and jot down anything important you have planned for tomorrow in your planner, whether its a real planner diary or a mobile app. Also, take time to chose your outfit for college or work tomorrow and get them neatly ironed. If you are school-going, then get your books and other stationaries in your bag based on your schedule. Also, set up your alarm!
2. Set your ‘inner clock’ right!🕦
There’s a clock ticking inside each one of us, responsible for much of our hormone secretions ,alertness ,sleep and so on called the ‘Circadian Rhythm’. This is why we tend to feel drowsy or energised around the same times every day. ‘To go to bed early’ is something we’ve heard a zillion times. And it’s no joke. But, the careers we pursue ,in many cases, demand us to stay up during the dark hours. I find it next to impossible most of the time ,being in medschool. Often times, my day seems to start after 9 pm.=D
Even if you can’t be an early bird to bed, You should at least try to hit the bed around the same time everyday. Work on minimising fluctuations in times when it comes to sleeping and waking up- so that your internal body clock tunes to it.
3. Cleanliness first!✨
To sleep with clean teeth is important. Don’t skip brushing before bed. This is important to keep cavities and tooth decay at bay!
Use a cleanser/face wash to wash away all that makeup, dirt & oils on your face after a long day of exposure to the environment -to prevent acne and blemishes.
4. Self-care!🌷
I have heard from skin care specialists that the skin regenerates at night and absorb products better. So if you are really into caring for your skin, moisturise before bed.
Also, if you have long hair, be sure to detangle and put them into a loose braid to avoid hair damage.
5. Refresh!
Use the washroom before you hop into the bed because you do not want to find yourself awake in the middle of your deep sleep for doing so. And if you are a muslim, do not forget to perform the ablution (wudu’) so that doze in a state of purity and earn plenty of rewards.
6. Make-your-bed!🛏
Dust your bed spread by holding one corner of it and make sure its clean. This is again a sunnah of our beloved Prophet (S).
If you are dying to catch a calm and relaxed sleep, maybe you should also try a pillow spray and spruce up your bed.
7. Bedtime-prayers!🙌🏻
Be sure to chant your prayers & forgive everyone before you end your day. For muslims, here’s the list of prayers before sleeping. You cannot afford to miss out this routine.
8. Final-preps!
Change into loose clothes and off the lights. Sleeping in the dark is central for a good sleep because ,your hormone ‘melatonin’ (sleep hormone) is only produced in the dark.
9. Doze-off!💤
The best position to sleep is to sleep on your right side- both according to the sunnah and science. The worst sleeping position is to sleep on your stomach-again, both according the sunnah and science.
It’s upto you to decide how many hours of sleep makes you wake up with energy. There’s no standard duration as such- it depends on your health and lifestyle. You be the boss to decide this!

So, yeah, that’s ALL! I do not claim to be ‘Miss Perfect’ and do ALL of these every single day, instead, I ‘m striving and sticking on to it as much as I possibly can:P
So why don’t you move on, blend, match, add-up and build a bedtime routine for yourSELF?

Sleep tight! 💙 💤

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