How-to’s for a good presentation💻

‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته
Hey folks!
How are y’all doing?
So, this Saturday, my post-lunch session was pathology tutorials on the topic ‘Adenocarcinoma of colon’. It turned out to be presentations by my colleagues rather than a boring 2 hour long lecture. There were about 10 presenters lined up with their presentations in the front rows. At the end, I was surprised ! I hadn’t felt sleepy at all ! Had it been a regular class, I would have been sleeping like a log at the end of the sixth row.
So ,as time went by, I was keenly observing how one presentation was different from another. Each one of them taught me something important . So then I thought, why not pick them all up and turn them into a blog post? So here’s the list!👇🏻
1. Dress up well! Wear something that makes you feel confident and not too self-conscious. Contrary to many other circumstances in life, appearance does matter when you are public speaking.
2. Greet your audience before you begin with the topic. Let it be ‘A very Good Morning/Afternoon to each one of you seated here!’. Don’t forget to smile and make it sound as natural as possible. Also, don’t begin your talk unless the whole crowd becomes silent.
3. Eye contact! Don’t just stare at the wall at the back of the hall or your laptop or just one person in the audience. Look at everyone and make them feel like you are talking to them. One tip that has worked for me with regard to this point is ,if possible, even before you get on stage to present, try to look at everyone from somewhere in the front, before you catch your seat. That way, you know what it is going to feel like and will feel less tensed.
4. Never turn your back against the audience. Except when you have to point something on your slide or write on the board, do NOT stand with your back facing the audience. People tend to doze off or chit chat when they feel that nobody is noticing.
5. Ask questions! Don’t be picky on the audience. Instead, give them the opportunity and let anybody genuinely interested in answering give it a try!
6. Add humour! Just because you are on the stage doesn’t mean you can’t smile or handle a joke or two. Break the ice and attract attention!
7. Don’t read the slides. If it was so, you should have just let the slides play and sat back. You are on stage for a reason. I am not telling you don’t even look at the slides, glance at them, and convey them instead of straight reading. Also, keep the slides short and concise.
8. Explain any hard words! Do not take it for granted that your audience gets what you are speaking. Take the time to convey the meanings and explain the abbreviations.
9. Use boards, body language, slides or anything creative . This is for you to master . Use multiple methods for conveying the ideas because people grasp them in different ways.
10. Limit the number of slides. Nobody would bother to listen to you after their attention span which is just a couple of minutes. Don’t drag, get the ideas straight and right!
11. Use pictures/flowcharts. Instead of a long list of bullet points, put them in pictures if possible. This is far more interesting and useful for long term memory!
12. Ensure the accuracy of your content. You do not want to turn red on stage when your moderator points out a correction you could easily have noticed.
13. Move a little here and there. Let people know that you are comfortable by not just standing glued to just one place. But do not become a distraction by walking the whole time.
14. Pop up questions for which people would love to know the answer. Tickle their brains a little and make them eager to get words out of your mouth.
15. Set the depth right. Depending on the audience you have ,alter the depth of the subject. Do not talk PG level stuff to UGs. No, You do not look smarter that way.
16. Pause at appropriate places. Sometimes, a little silence can help you get back their lost attention.
17. Moderate your pace. Don’t rush through your slides or stay over them for a very long time. Instead ,switch them steadily.
18. Check the time. Don’t cross the time limits and cause yourself the trouble by making the moderator pause you in between and tell you ‘Please make it fast, many more presenters to go’.
19. Allow people to take notes. If you find any one of your audience jotting down something, give them your time.
20. Summarise. Leave the audience an overview of what you have spoken about so that they feel like they have gained something from your talk.
Yeah! I guess that was it! I hope you find these tips useful when you are on stage the next time, because one day or the other ,you will have to! Thanks for reading!☘️


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