‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته
Hey there! Welcome back!
As the month of March begins, I am sharing with you updates about how I maintain my daily planner and how it has all been going for the past 2 months!
So basically, like I said in my previous post on  WHY YOU SHOULD BELIEVE IN ROUTINES? ⏰, I do have a daily planner for the year 2017 where I write down all the important events and to-do’s of every single day. This is how I did it:
When this year was about to begin, I kept looking for planners to buy on different bookstores, online shops etc. But to my disappointment,it was all way too costly for me to afford! So I thought of converting a simple diary into a beautiful daily planner. This diary was from a jewellery shop and it had all their ads over it. So I glittered them all out on the front cover and on the back cover,I stuck a golden sheet of paper and wrote the quote ‘Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow’ over it. On the outside hard bind , I put a paperclip and hung a pen to it so that I would not have to search for one every now and then.(like in the pic)

Inside ,I did the same and wrote my name ,plus I stuck a half sheet of paper on the inner side of the front cover to serve as a folder for my stickers, notes and so.
On the inner side of the back cover, I stuck sticky notes which I would need during my journaling. The other empty pages ,I stuck coloured pages and wrote down the challenges I had taken up for this year(like the reading challenge).

You could convert any random book into a beautiful planner with a few art supplies. I had done that the previous year. But then ,I learnt that ,using a diary with dates printed on it lets you plan things which are to come days or months later.( like if I have a trip or appointment on the 5th of July, I can flip over to that page and mark it there). And I have a full one page in my diary for every single day except Sundays.

Now ,lets get to the planning part.
I write down every single thing I have got to do on my planner the night before (before I hit my bed). No matter how small it is ,if I cannot afford to have it not done, it goes into my planner.
Even though there is a time schedule at the side bar, I do not bother to use it,because my to-do’s as a medical student are in most of the cases, not time based but a matter of do-it-or-not. It depends on who you are and what your priorities are as to what all you should make use of in your planner.
Things that go into each page of my day:-
1. to-do list [ this includes my routines (like make class notes, reading , morning and evening prayers etc),anything new ,home works ,assignments, reminders(to give laundry) etc]

[P.S. I have blurred out some of my writings because I feel it is too personal]🙂


2. Cash memo [ on the far right side of each page, I write down the money I owe someone or the amt of money I had lend. And get them checked when it’s settled.
3. Water tracker. [At the end of the page ,I sketch water bottles to track down the amount of water I am drinking each day.
4. Doodles [ Anything relevant to a day goes as a doodle on that page(like If i had an exam, went out,what my mood was like..) I doodle all of these with my sketch pens.


5. In one of the blank pages at the beginning of the diary ,I have 2 post-its, one for the books I wish to read this year and one for the things I need to purchase this year.


6. I also draw a small icon like this 📰 at the very end of the page if I have read the news on that day.
7. Remember that sticky notes at the back of my planner I told you about? Yeah ..I paste them on some pages and write some tips ,advices I feel I need,marks from the sessional exams that just got over and things like that ! Like the last time I was appearing for the internal exams and felt completely drained of any motivation I did some doodles on the page I was on and yeah..I felt inspired after that😌( I know..wierd me)

8. I also have a post-it where I write down any ideas for my blog posts. And there’s a mini calender in the beginning of the diary that I use to mark the days on which I should be posting something new on my blog.


Also ,when there is something very important I need to do before I head to or while at college ,I write them in bold letters on non sticky notes and leave them on my bedside table so that that’s the first thing I see on waking up. And waking up to a purpose ,adds meaning to life!

So ,that is all about my planner I am currently using. And I’m quite happy with it.❤ This is my way of getting myself to get things DONE.

Do give it a try…and let me know of your way of daily planning in the comments below!



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