‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته
Hey there! Welcome back to my blog!
This time,I have chosen to write about one of the goals to productivity in life and that is ‘setting up routines’.
We plan different kinds of things in our life -new places to go-to, new foods to try out, new people to meet up with, but I say ,a lot of us should be guilty of NOT planning our daily routines. At the end of the day, our life sums down to what we do ,each day and not what we do once in a blue moon.
Highly successful people, I have observed , are people who are consistent and focussed than people who would do a ton of things at the same time. You and me, should learn to set out long term goals and get the idea at the back of you mind that ‘ __ years from now, I should be doing so and so at so and so’.
Once you realise that you should be moving towards ‘X’, the next step is to take the right steps towards it ,and keep doing it every single day of your life, and then building on it.
For example,if you wish to be scholar ,you can’t become one overnight. You need to sit down and decide in what topic you wish to specialise a then discuss with the right people, join the appropriate courses, take notes, hit libraries for a REALLY long time and then slowly ,you will find yourself transforming into one. This applies to anything you wish to achieve in life.
There has been a lot of study into this topic off lately and the conclusion drawn is that, CONSISTENCY in whatever you are pursuing is the most important factor to success. If you are particularly interested in the topic ,here’s the link to a beautiful article on this subject.
And how could I miss out on the routine ofTHE best of people , Prophet Muhammed (S)? He sets examples in not just matters of worship alone, but in living the life as well. He would wake up early enough , begin his day with prayers to the Almighty, have gatherings with people , allow people to ask questions, visit his closest friends , spend quality time with his family, attend to the needs of people ,have his dinner early , sleep early enough so that he would be up early again for spending the last part of the night in worship. This gave him the balance and blessings in his life to be the most productive and successful person ever to have walked on the face of the Earth.
What I am trying to get to the other end is that don’t lose hope and feel disinterested if you are not able to do something on a daily basis. You just have to figure out your OWN way of having routines. For me personally, a daily planner works! (About which I will tell you in another post on ‘How to make a daily planner’ )
I write down almost everything that I want to accomplish in my planner the day before and then I feel ‘compelled’ to get it DONE.
Routines can vary from one to another. It depends on your passion, the amount of time you have ,the experience you have under your belt and the level of motivation you are at. Don’t compare your life and the things you are doing to anybody else’s. You are doing great but you just have to move FORWARD.
Researches show that it takes about 21 days to form a routine in your life. And after this term, you will find yourself doing it. So, why don’t you just grab a pen ,write down the routines you wish to set in your life and work on it for 21 days, just to cross check if the research was good enough? 😉



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  1. I love this, Adila! I’m looking forward to your new post about how to make a daily planner! It would be so useful for me. I do love to make lists but then I think it’s just messy……. a nice, neat, colourful planner to hang on my fridge would be perfect!
    Jazak Allah Kheir, may Allah reward you!

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