Her Beauty

Beautiful thoughts…💕

J.S. Cherfi

Every morning she would look into the mirror, carefully applying make up to her face delicately one stroke of a brush at a time.I must look beautiful, she told herself everyday. She doesn’t think about who she is beautifying herself for or who her beauty will attract. She only knows that she must look beautiful, that is simply what is required of her as a woman.

People who are beautiful get that bit further in life, they seem to accomplish more and have more success. More happiness. More. Isn’t that how the world works?

In this life, in this world. This world where the measure of success is earning money and owning houses. The more and bigger the better, regardless of how it is achieved, regardless of who is trodden on and oppressed along the way. Those details are unimportant, mere collateral.

Real relationships aren’t so important, merely…

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