Think blue!💙

‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته

Welcome back!
So today, ‘out of the blue’, I was hit by this painting vibe. Inspiration doesn’t descend anytime anywhere so, when you get it, you should get it done! Ha! So let me tell you, it took me approximately two hours to get this done. Shall I start?
I am passionate about art, about colours and how simple things can add an element if beauty in our lives … and that explains the sole reason I share this experience here- though I might pretend and try to sound like a professional:P

Things I’ve used are as follows:


🖼canvas of 12*16 inches dimension
🔴5 colours of paints                                                 ( prussian blue, cobalt blue hue, white, black and pearl turquoise blue)
🖌paint brushes
✏️Pencil, water and palette

let’s get this done!💪🏻
1. Draw out the outline of image you have on mind with a pencil. I’m thinking of three blue flowers against blue. So I need to invent lots of shades of blue. So here we go, get the palette, add shades of blue and adjust with white till you get something like this.👇🏻


2. Paint the entire background with a mixture of  blue and white(like shown below). Leave the space for the picture blank. Do not worry about perfection ,because it’s not about that, rather its about how unique what you are doing is. YOU ARE doing, what NOBODY else is capable of doing.👊🏻
3. Now focus on the flowers. Make them darker in shade. They need the limelight. Work on the petal edges. That is important. You can’t have a blurred out flower for this kind of painting. Do every petal at one stroke so that they seem like they are separate. Once a layer of paint dries up, you could work with a pencil over the paint on the petals to get that effect.  Then go ahead and do the bottom portion. Make vague black lines all across the sides of the flowers. Then I dipped round brushes (medium thick brushes) in white and stamped its bristles all along the top part of black lines so it gives that swaying effect. I really hope the picture makes sense. Apologies for the missing footages.🙏🏻

And ta-daaa! You have your picture ready! I chose to use only blue colour in the picture because it’s one of my favourite colours. Blue colour is so complex and has a ton of shades of its own! There’s no painting that does not use blue colour because the skies, sea, water -everything has to be blue! This is the final picture!❄️


Plus, one element of Modern Art is to work with shades of one colour alone. I have another painting tutorial coming on my blog soon-so keep your eyes peeled for that!🤞🏻

Check out my other painting tutorial here.
Go grab some paint brushes ,splash some paint over your canvas and discover the painter in you!


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