DIY pop-up gift card💌


Hey! Today I have this very simple ,yet cute way of making a pop-up card for your loved ones.!

Wait..lemme explain…

Time required: -15 min(yess..that’s all)

Things you will need:- 2 scrap paper , a pair of scissors, gum, glitters ,pencil and sketch pens.img_8644

Step 1: cut out the edges of one scrap paper a little more than the other so that it fits inside the outer scrap paper.( Preferably use 2 contrasting coloured scrap papers.)

step 2: Fold both papers into half . Then cut out the pattern of your choice( heart,flower or whatever) leaving its 2 ends, on the paper you wish to place inside like shown below.


Step 3: Open it and see if it pops out. Cut out the edges of the paper inside in any pattern. Go ahead and design the pop-ups and decorate the card and make it amazing.🌟

P.S: This ,I had made it for my sister-in-law who is expecting a baby in a few months. You could customise it, add a little more hustle and bustle and GO gift it to your mom, dad , sibling or bestiee. =D

Comment below if u tried/liked this =P






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