Passion v/s obsession❓


‘Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion.’
We often come across words like these in our everyday chit-chats. They have quietly sneaked into our dictionaries so much so that the fine line of difference between the two have begun to blur. But it is the need of the hour that we take a step back, use our loafs and take time to sort out passions before they distort into obsessions and eat us up. Passions need to be discovered in its true form,its boundaries need to be defined, and we need to go an extra mile to make the 100% out of it.
Passion, the dictionary defines as a very strong emotion or great enthusiasm for an activity or something else. More than anything ,it is what we feel or go through when we are engaged in it. For something to qualify as your passion, it should interest you greatly and you should be absolutely enjoying doing it. Passions vary widely. It could range from talking to others about the places you have gone to things like painting, gardening, driving, public speaking etc. Different shades of passions seem to be dormant in us,the only thing missing out is we not being aware of it.
On the flip side of it, lies obsessions, which could even turn deadly. They could be mild ,light or intense obsessions(or you could even call it addictions). Literally speaking, obsessions eat you up, they even occupy your good night dreams. It is what your mind is constantly preoccupied with or something about which you are persistently thinking about. It could be a person who has taken ‘that’ place in your heart or even something as lowly as a game on your tech-device. Obsessions are unhealthy. They make you run out of steam and hope. It is difficult to get over them and they slash all your long term goals and leave nothing in store for you.
To strike a balance between the two is what adds spice to your life. The first step to this is realisation. Sit back, declutter your thoughts, retrospect and filter your passions from your obsessions. Make enough room for passions in your life and invest in them. Like Confucius once said, ” Choose a job you love and you will never have to work again”. Give them your full go. Do not ever say YES to things that hurt you and learn to pull the brake in your life wherever necessary because like my father always tells me ,”Too much of anything is good for nothing.”


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