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السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته


Welcome back..!

Here’s another whole brand new year ahead of us, and are all you well prepared? Well, I’m or better, I should be. So many things to do, so many changes to be made and a ton of dreams to be made true by the will of Allah. So that means, a lot more HUSTLE!💪🏻

Like I mentioned in my earlier post on all that I accomplished with one FULL year of bullet journalling, I’m totally up for a new planner for 2018, this time with a little bit of changes here and there. So here’s all about my new BUJO 2018.

This time, I purchased my planner from Sapna stationary, from a brand called Nightingale. Look at the book jacket, I love that peach pink and simple design. So elegant. And neat.📙

They have a variety of colours and few different designs too, here’s the link where you can purchase this online.( This is not sponsored, I’m just sharing the link in case you are looking for one):D

There’s a front page that holds all my details followed by a few pages like calender for 2017, 2018 and 2019. And there’s a whole new page for every day of the year. Like I did this year, I’m not going to time schedule any of the to-do’s. And something very important to get done, then that is going to be highlighted in orange colour. I’m going to use a black pen this time for writing in my planner. I guess that makes it look much more classy. I have put a tiny paper clip at the side of the planner to hang my pen so that it’s always at hand.

Plus, this time, I’m so excited to own a planner that has a monthly spread. My 2017 planner didn’t have one.📆 I badly felt the need to have a monthly spread so that I could have an overview for the month for keeping track of when I have to do a blogpost and also for many other things. There’s also some blank space next to the monthly spread which should allow me some space to plan my month well. This is cool!

I have also felt the need to have a few blank pages in between here and there so that I could, paste a sticker or write down a quote or doodle something on my mind. There were no such pages in my planner 2017 and I used to paste sticky notes here and there to tackle this issue. But, luckily, my 2018 planner has an extra ‘Notes’ page at the end of every month. So yay! Some extra dooodling this year!🖍

I usually have the habit of writing down things on my mind in any blank paper I was able to find and also I have a few bookmarks and things like that I would like to be carried along with the planner. So I wanted to make a folder for the same. So here’s what I did. I did cut out a thick stock paper in a square shape and then slanted one of its side and pasted its three sides on the inside of the front book jacket. This is the folder where my extra notes and bookmarks will slide into.

I write down my to-do’s for the day the night before when I’m about to hit the bed. There’s nothing too small to not to go into my journal. Everything from my daily routines to important reminders goes into my journal with a checkbox on its side. I use the far right side of every page to enter my cash accounts including what I’ve to pay and what I have lend someone. The bottom portion is where I draw mini water bottles to track the amount of water I’ve drunk in the day. Plus, I use washi tapes and sketch pens to decorate the pages and write down the day of the week in calligraphy. Sometimes I sit down and do this in a stretch or maybe on the same day itself. Also, the rest of the page takes up the headings of whatever important happened on that day and tracks my mood using smileys. Sometimes, I also write down pieces of advices I would like to hear for myself.

I’m using the inside of the book jacket at the back to paste some sticky notes which might come in need at times.

I’m pasting a sticky note on a blank page to write down the list of things I want to purchase. I had one in my 2017 planner and that was absolutely useful. I would know exactly what to buy and would strike it off once bought. Also, I’m having a sticky note saying,’ Books on my wish list ‘ consisting of a shelf drawing with books inside where I write down the names of the book I wish to read this year. And the once read, that book gets coloured!

This is all I guess, is on my head right now. I’m thinking of updating you on how my planning is going after a few months into 2018. Are you a planner geek? Do you have any plans for a 2018 planner? Share in the comments below. I’m reading!

Meanwhile, checkout my other posts on planner if you haven’t already.


What I learnt from one year of bullet journalling

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السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته


Welcome back once again!

As this year comes to a close, I did feel like I should free my mind and space of so much clutter. It is not that you must wait till the end of the year to declutter, but I just felt the burden of ‘too many’ things a few days back. Plus, I’m someone who can’t being my mind to focus on anything unless my surroundings are in perfect order. Hopefully, you’ll find some cleaning motivation here.

I love to have my things organised, labelled and put away in the right places. I cannot work in a messy environment. So, every now and then, I would clean up my cupboard and shelves. But I never really did a deep declutter recently. So what I would do is wipe down the surfaces and put things back in place.

But, this time I went in for a DEEP DECLUTTER. I went through each section of my cupboard, sorted each of my belonging thoroughly and threw away anything I didn’t need.

So I decided to break down the task into small everyday chores so that the decluttering itself wouldn’t be overwhelming. The most exhausting was to sort out my stationary and craft supplies. I checked if my pens, glitters and markers were writing and tossed off ones that didn’t. Also, I did discard so many paint cans that had paint stuck to its bottom. Many other papers, empty boxes and folders that I had saved for my DIYs which had been with me for over a year but still I hadn’t used- all those went into my junk. All my ribbons and washi tapes were put away in their boxes and properly displayed. All papers, stock and foam sheets into a giant folder. Pens ,colours, brushes, glue gun sticks, glitter pens in separate jars. Whew! That was tiring and nevertheless, it took me a whole night.

Then I did sort my books. All those books I was using or would be using very soon was placed vertically in my shelf. This makes it easier to find and place it back. Then, all those books I would maybe need for reference or so was stacked up one on top of the other and put at the back. Other pretty reading books was put on display on my bookshelf.

Then I went through and purged my accessories and threw off old clips, used contact lens cases and so on. Then, my clothes, devices and chargers, food stuffs and miscellaneous things. It really depends on who you are and where you live as to what categories you will have to focus on.

That was not all, I also did go through all the photos in my phone gallery, sorted, deleted and put the right ones in folders. I did the same with my ibooks, ipages and Evernote documents. I did unsubscribe to all those websites and youtube channels I wasn’t finding any spark in and saved a lot of space. Then, finally, sorted my emails into their respective folders.

Also, take some time out to wipe down all the surfaces and toss off anything broken or that has to be replaced. Spray in some scent for the freshness.

Aaah! So much better! Now take the time out to free your mind. May be a goodnight sleep, a pamper bath, some fresh fruit juices or even a walk. You decide.

Declutter and declutter because Less is the new More.🍂

There you are! All new and ready to blast the year ahead. 🌱

Hopefully, you are motivated to declutter and find yourself some extra space. I’ll see you soon with more preparation ideas. Meanwhile checkout my other related posts and also subscribe!

The step by step tutorial of the painting in the featured image is here.[Palm leaves Art]

What I learnt from One year of Bullet Journalling.

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I’ll see you very soon!☘️

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السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته


Welcome back!

One of the proud things I did in the year 2017 is the fact that I had a ‘to-do’ list for every single day of this year. Wow! Yes, every single day went into my bullet journal. Also, because of my everyday handling, the book jacket has almost worn out:D

I was always the ‘plan before’ kind-of-girl as far as I can imagine. I believed in to-do’s all my life, at least, it worked for me. But never did I own a daily planner. I would jot down my to-do’s at the back of my notebook in the midst of a classroom lecture or in any random piece of paper I was able to find. And then, as it goes without a saying, I would end up losing it.

Until, this time of the last year when I decided, this was not enough because I found myself failing to remember things I had to do in the weeks to come. I would get calls from people asking, ‘ Didn’t you do this yet?’ ,’ How could you forget this?’ And so-on. I cannot let my memory ruin my responsibilities, I had to find a way to tackle this, I decided for myself. This proved to be a decision I wouldn’t regret.

I had done a post saying,’ How I manage my daily planner’ in the month of March, featuring everything about the planner that I used on all the days of this year. I would carry this planner everywhere I would go. It wasn’t just the to-do lists that went into it, but also the important events of the day, my cash accounts, what my mood was like, what I need to buy, what books I’ve got to get my hands on and many more. There were so many worthy lessons I learnt from I year of proper bullet journalling. So here’s the list:

1. Discipline!

I would find this to-do list compelling me to get things done. I would be lying idly on my bed when I would remember some unchecked task in my to-do and then thinking of the satisfaction once I’m done with it, I would find myself jumping out of the bed and accomplishing the task! I usually write my lists on the previous night and if I see something like ‘ Make notes for chapter 5’ , I wouldn’t settle unless I get it done. So, yes, I did learn to be disciplined to some extent.💪🏻

2. Know that, everyday you can start over!

Not all days would be the same. Some days I would be awe-struck at my productivity that I put out that day, some other days, would be as gloomy as it could be, no motivation, only a pile of undone chores. But every day of 2017 had a page in my diary, which when I turned to the next day, would make me feel like,’ Forget yesterday, you have a new day in focus, know that you can start over, no matter what happened on the previous day.’

3. You can, if you plan!

I learnt that the common excuse, ‘I do not have enough time’, holds no good. You just need to squeeze in some time for anything you really want to do. You never have enough time, you can only MAKE time. It’s all a matter of priority and how much you want to get something done. I’m telling you, it worked for me. So plan ahead, allot time and get some real work done!

I’m totally up for a real planner than a to-do list app on my phone. A tangible planner book, for me seems to be the best option because you can feel so much personal about it. Also,

I’m hoping to update you about my new planner for 2018 very soon. So stay tuned for it!✌🏻

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Thanks for reading🎈


The pangs of betrayal-or is it?

I have always thought of betrayal to be one of the sickest feelings ever. Once you feel betrayed, you start doubting even the most trustworthy of people. You lose trust in almost everyone and anything. This is when you feel that inspite of the good you are trying to put forth, life is throwing lemons at you.

Until this one incident I heard from the mouth of a victim of betrayal. Is there a more severe form of betrayal than from the one whom you thought shared everything with you? I mean, this could be crushing. In severe cases, which I’m sure you have heard of, betrayal can even wreck a person for life.

But like they say, everything in life, every encounter, every person you meet, never fails to teach you a lesson or two. Sometimes, we are just blind to it. But trust me, life keeps teaching you lessons, lessons that you’ll perhaps need to face the rest of your life. But you ask me, what lesson do the crushing experience of betrayal teach you?

I have been advised very early in my life, not to grow attachments in life. Ha, the other day, I saw a whatsapp story that said,’ Attachments are good only for emails,not for life’. It is never wise to teach your mind that I cannot be myself without so and so. The definition of YOU does not require anybody else in the equation except the Creator of you. Because He is all you’ll need to suffice you. Plus, everything else is temporary. So if you seek comfort in anything else other than Allah, no doubt, it is bound to perish. Sometimes, Allah knocks this realisation into our lives by making us go through loneliness. Maybe this is one of that kind?

Trials are not welcome in our lives. We do not ask them. We run away from them as far as our legs can take. But guess what, they come and seize you from places you cannot think of. But one thing is for sure, it is you who decides whether this experience is going to wreck you or make you. So think about this, what do you call a trial that teaches you a worthy life lesson and makes you closer to the Almighty? A gift? Perhaps?

P.S: This was something that I scribbled from my thoughts when I witnessed an incident last week. I didn’t think it would make a good blogpost back then, but then I thought,’ why not?’.

Thanks for reading!🎈

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‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته

And welcome back!

I love watching how things turn out to be when you add a little bit of colour or sketch to it. I love it when I’m able to design something even when I know that it can be easily store-bought. Okay. Why am I beating around the bush when I can right away tell you what I did this week?👊🏻

I tried DIY designing the phone cases of four of my friends who trusted my abilities to do ‘whatever’ with them. And guess what, I’m so happy that each one of them loved the designs. 🎉

So, here’s what I did. I designed four transparent iphone cases- one of iphone 7 and three of iphone 6s. Like these.

So here’s the tutorial.

1. The Heart case.❤️

I used the following things to create the design.

▪️chart paper



▪️pearl red acrylic paint( I love this paint because its pretty and shiny and I’ve used them in a lot of my DIY’s but you could still use Red Acrylic paint)

Cut out a small sized heart on the chart paper to serve as a stencil by folding the chart into half, cutting the half heart and then opening it. Place it on the inner side of the phone case ( do not paint the outside as the paint will chip away easily) and dab some paint on it like in the picture. Leave enough space between the hearts. Let it dry.

That is all! You are good to go!❤️

2. The Composition Case🔲

This is super easy and my favourite! You just need a Black permanent marker and some white paint.

The phone case I used here was one that was used and had ball pen markings on it which I was able to hide with this kind of design!👊🏻

Draw random designs like in the picture onto the whole of inner side of the transparent phone case. Paint with white on top of it.

Let it dry.

Woah! Super easy,isn’t it?🖤

3. The Grape Case.🍇

This phone case was designed for someone who loved grapes and the was obsessed with drawing grapes. Ha! So, here’s what I used, a permanent black marker, piant brush, purplish blue & green paint.

Draw a bunch of grapes with two leaves on the inner side of the transparent phone case. Paint green over the leaves over it and purple below. Let it dry.





Check out the featured image to see its finished look. She loved grapes. And the phone case. Why don’t you try a fruit of your likes?💜
4. The Think Blue case.💙

I’ve only used paints-blue and white for this case. This is the only case out of the four that I painted on the outside. Paint the outside of the case blue. Once, it dries ,add one or two more layer of paint. Wait till it dries. Add a design of your choice. I painted three hearts with a mix of white and blue paints. Let it dry.

Now, as I painted on the outside I’m a little worried of the paint chipping of. So I did spray paint some Finishing Solvent Spray for setting the paint. You can skip this step for the designs done on the inside. Then let them dry.
Bomblastic Blue case! Don’t you think so?💙


Here’s some more of the final looks.



How cool is that when you design the case of your likes? Which one was your favourite? Are you going to try out any of them? Let me know in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, check out one of my other DIY phone case idea I did a few months ago by clicking here.


Do send me photos of your phone case if you try out any of them. Also let me know if you would love to see more such Phone case ideas on my blog.

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I’ll see you very soon❤️

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‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته

Welcome back once again!

I’ve been wanting to share a recipe idea on my blog for some time because it seems like forever since I did one. I’m so happy to mention to you that I did receive a lot of amazing comments from my readers who tried out the recipes I shared. Thank you!❤️

This time we go for a random smoothie recipe. My thirst led me to the refrigerator and caused me to rummage through it to treat myself to a drink. And then, within some time, what you see in the above image was ready!

So here’s what you’ll need to make this:

🍎 Apples-2

🍌 Frozen bananas- 2-3

🥛 Milk-1 cup

🍯 Peanut butter-2 tablespoons

🍶 Water and ice- half cup

🥄 chia seeds- 1 tablespoon ( optional )

Blend the apples, bananas, peanut butter, milk, chia seeds, ice and water till smooth. Serve immediately.

This makes a serving for 3-4 people.


* The bananas, peanut butter and apple make it sweet. However, if you have a sweet tooth, go ahead and add some sugar or honey.

* You can soak the chia seeds in water for about three minutes and then add it to the blender for the powdery look. Else, if you prefer the gelatinous look, add the chia seeds after blending.

* Do not overblend. Maintain the ‘smoothie’ consistency.

* There’s no hard and fast rule for smoothies. Omit an ingredient or two and replace it with some other fruit that matches the drink and why not try your own variations?;)

Quenching! Shellicious! And healthy!👌🏻

Although, this may not be the ‘lip smacking’ smoothie ever( especially if you hate bananas and PB), one thing is for sure, this is ABSOLUTELY healthy! So, if you are the look-out for a healthy beverage, try this one!💯

Also, check out my other recipes if you haven’t already:

🍺World’s Easiest Frappuccino ever!

🍪Easy Vermicelli Snack!

If you try any one of them, let me know in the comments below. I would love to see them.✌🏻

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I’ll see you very soon!


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‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته

And welcome back!

I wouldn’t be lying if I say that it’s been nine days since I’ve been unproductive. All these days, I haven’t progressed on studying much, not done something creative, have been lacking ideas, dragging myself out of bed every morning and ah, the list goes on. At the end of the day, I have been hitting my bed these days with a pile of non-checked to do’s in my bullet journal. Everything’s been stagnant. Nothing in my life has changed, nor do I have an explanation for my lack of productivity. It is just the fact that I’ve become the queen of procrastination.👑

In short, I’ve become a lazy bum. If you know me at least a little, you probably know how much I hate it when this happens. I’m not that kind of a person. I love setting goals and smashing them. I love it when I’m working with my heart and soul. I can’t let this go on and on. ‘Before I transform into a lazy goose, I should PICK MYSELF UP’, I told myself.🌈

Life doesn’t guarantee productive days all around the year. Nor do I expect that. Like they say, ‘Even Santa has bad days’. We are able to appreciate the good days because of the bad days. So I decided to figure out ways to rise and SLAY.🌅

Was I being so lazy because of I was frightened of something in my to-do? No. Then what was it? I was just convincing myself that ‘I don’t feel like doing it’. Honestly, this is what I’ve been telling myself all day. I don’t know if it was sheer coincidence that I came across these lines in Thomas Frank’s book yesterday where he says, for those of them who procrastinate because they don’t feel like doing it, needs to add a phrase to it so that it reads like this,
“I don’t feel like it – but I’m going to do it anyway.”💪🏻 So much better, isn’t it?

I’m sure you have heard of the fact that breaks do enhance productivity, given that the break is within certain limits. But nonetheless, unhealthy breaks hinder your growth. Also,please make note that I’m not lamenting on my unproductive days because I’m a strong believer that it’s is absolutely okay to break off from your work or studies for quite some time, but the point lies in how quickly you pick yourself up!🎩

Then there is one other thing that works wonders for me. I’m fortunate to have known lots of people who are mentors to me, people whom I look up to, be it people in my real life or people on social media. People of purpose and grit. Sometimes, all I need is to talk to these people for some time or watch them work to get myself WORKING!

Something else that drives me to action is the satisfaction at the end of the day when you are ready to hit the sack. Procrastination never fails to carry regret with it while the by product of accomplishment is satisfaction. Is there something more pleasing than going to bed realising that you’ve done all that you could’ve done that day?🛌

There is definitely beauty in working. Beautiful are the lives of those who work towards a purpose.✨ Keeping lives busy isn’t as boring as it is believed. I’m reminded of a verse from the Quran in Surah Sharh where Allah says:

“7. So when you have finished (from your occupation), then stand up for Allah’s worship (i.e. stand up for prayer).

8. And to your Lord (Alone) turn (all your intentions and hopes and) your invocations.”

There is absolutely no time for nothingness. We need to teach ourselves to keep us busy, which requires us to force us to work.

Busy lives keep our arms moving and brains working which is so very important because, like the old adage goes, ‘An idle mind is Satan’s workshop’.🛠

With all that being said, excuse me, it’s time for me to hustle, I’ve got to do so much more! And you too! Cheers🙌🏻 & Keep Slaying!

Thanks for reading!🍄
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‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته

And welcome!

I don’t like my blog to be centred around one single theme or idea. I’m sure most other blogs work that way. But I just don’t buy the idea of settling with one thing. I prefer it to have a dash of this and a dash of that, simple because I feel that’s the kind of person I am and also the advantage being that it can serve a larger audience. If one thing here is not for you, there’s something else you’ll probably love.

So, what I’m coming to say is that it’s been really long since I did a painting on my blog. And this Sunday morning, I was beginning to feel ‘super-uninspired’. I didn’t wait any longer. I sought my painting tools and decided to have some fun, painting, which was like therapy to me.

I’ve not done something like this before here, and I’m not sure how much the footages might help you, but I certainly do hope I’ll knock into you some painting inspiration!

I’m painting a scene with a barn that is set against a greenery on a cloudy day. So you’ll need six colours- white, black, blue, green, yellow and brown. I’m using acrylic paints with a few brushes ranging from thick round to fine ones which you’ll need for the details. I’m using white canvas board of the dimensions .
Set up your canvas on a comfortable stand. I like to begin with the sky( most painters prefer it) so that it forms the background of everything that we draw over it. So mix blue and white to get a nice sky colour and paint almost the upper half of the board.

Now, dab the same brush in white paint and make small circular patterns where you want the clouds.

Now, with a fine brush with black paint sketch out the outline of the picture you want.

For the greenery, start with mixing a lot of black with some green paint like shown here.
Now add layers of greenery over this dark shade of colour. Allow it to dry before you add a fresh layer of greenery with vertical strokes.
With a fine brush add small dots to where the greenery meets the sky. Also start painting the barn in between.

Work on the way with black paint on the greenery on the left side. Then before it dries, add layers of green with a dash of yellow or white in circular motions. Just like in here. Add flowers with a fine edge brush.



To deal with the way, I added black paint on the left side and brown on the right. Then with a little bit of white dipped brush,I merge dthe brown and black.

Then dip your brush in brown to add a few trunks and branches here and there.
Ta-daa. You are done. Stare at your art from a distance and think of every improvable-imperfections you can deal with. Once that is done, you are good-to-go!🎨

Here are some of the after all pics!



This was my lil’ piece of art. I’m no big artist but, for sure, I AM PASSIONATE about it. Find yourself a canvas sheet and try splashing some paint on it to discover the painter in you!✌🏻

Check out my other paintings here👇🏻

DIY Canvas Art– This is super easy, I tell you!

Think blue!💙

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I’ll see you in my next one,


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‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته

…welcome back to my blog!

Few months ago, I had done a post on a few ideas on how to upcycle some of your ‘into-the-trash’ items into absolutely useful storage DIYs. This is going to be the promised part two of that post. So, let’s jump right in.


Firstly, I made a wall decor using a transparent package in which my screen protector was delivered. I went ahead and painted it about three coats of silver pearl acrylic paints.

Then I added a beautiful motivational line on it with a black sharpie. Check out the final look.

I’m super satisfied with the way it turned out. I’m also loving the rustic look of the silver and the black contrast. Aside from all that, every time I see this on my wall, I feel like that pulse that I can’t procrastinate and need to get stuff done ASAP. So, in a way, I killed two birds in one. Yoohoo! 👊🏻

Next, I’m sharing with you a storage idea to store your rings, earrings or cufflinks from absolute trash. No, you don’t need to spend a ton on jewellery organisers. All you need is a medium sized box and some sponge.

Cut out the sponge of the size to fit inside the box.

Make a few horizontal cuts in the sponge with about 2-3 cm gap in between to hold the desired item, be it rings or cufflinks.

Here’s what mine looked like when My brother used it to store some of his cufflinks. Bomb isn’t it?✌🏻

Next, I’m making a makeup organiser using an empty shoe box. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a makeup organiser for that part. But here I made this for my friend who could put this to use.

You will not need the top of the box. So, using the top, cut out two squares of the width of the box. Make a cut through its middle halfway down on both the squares. Insert one through the other to make a X. Stick it inside one end of the box to make a four separate compartments. Now to separate the two sides, place another square of the width of the box.

Far much better than having your things all around the place, isn’t it? Now go one step further and decorate it.

Is there something more budget friendly?😅

Last but not least, I’m sharing with you a DIY decor piece which is kind of similar to one that I did previously, but here I’m using an old plastic cup and some fake leaves. I painted the cup bright red and then filled it with some sand and gravel and stuck in some fake leaves I had for a long time.

Whoa. I felt like my kitchen would be the most appropriate for it because it matched the red and black theme of it. If you are wanting to plant an original plant, check out my earlier post where I did that.

That is everything I have for this time. Hopefully, this gave you some tips and ideas on how you could transform some trash into useful articles. I’m also hoping to get back to you guys with some more upcycle DIY ideas in a few months.

Check my UPCYCLE DIY IDEA-1 here:

Check my storage box idea here:-

Check me out on Pinterest🎯

I’ll see you very soon.


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‎السّلام عليكم ورحمت الله و بركاته Hello!

And welcome back!✨

A week ago, I came across these lines by Eleanor Roosevelt in the middle of a speech, which I couldn’t agree more. I mean, could this be said any better?

‘ Happiness is not a goal. It is the by-product of a life well-lived.’

I grew up believing that happiness was what every soul craved for and that it was this same happiness that we were all meant to chase. So much so that, I remember one of my article titled ‘10 ways to happiness’ being published in a magazine. Now, I see how lame it is. The yesteryears have completely changed my approach to the concept of being happy. I no longer believe in those myths anymore.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, that they want to be happy or they are looking up for ways to be happy and the like. What does it mean to be happy? Is there something like ‘remaining happy’? This subject seemed to be of interest to me and these are my thoughts on it. 
Relax. Think of three things that make you happy. Done? I’m sure your list would be no way similar to mine. And to anybody else for that matter. What I’m trying to get across is that Happiness is subjective. I mean, think about it. For some people, having some popcorn might make them happy. Or for some it might be meeting somebody they love. Or football. Or.. I could go on.
Now all that aside. Is this sense of ‘happiness’ from all these activities last forever? No. In fact, sometimes it might just last a few seconds. Or even if it lasted a day, is it worth? Is it worth fighting for? Is it worthy of being on your goal list? Umm..A BIG NO.

Happiness is not meant to be a goal. You and I should let go of the idea happiness is what we ultimately need. Instead, do what’s right and happiness will follow. This isn’t easy. Sometimes what’s right might not necessarily be pleasing you. But you still gotta do it. You need to crush the idea of doing things that make you happy and instead, and shift your focus onto things that you’ll make you content. And positive. And excellent. 

‘To be happy’ is one of the lowliest aims you can have. It is not worth the struggle. Instead climb up the stairs and work like a dog to get the right things done.

Now, as for muslims, what we should be directed towards is THE ultimate happiness. And that cannot happen here. No matter what amount of struggle you engage in, THIS LIFE IS NEVER GOING TO BE A BED OF ROSES. The fulfilment of the core of happiness can only happen high above, in Paradise. It can only be given meaning when you meet your maker who promised you a life with zero worries. 

Look at the life of the pious predecessors who set the gold standards. Were they always happy people? Did they have all they wanted? Where they living their best possible life here? No. absolutely not. They did have good days but they did break down. But one thing was for sure, they were truly CONTENT and GRATEFUL. There are a million other things we should work on, instead of just saying, ‘I wanna be happy’.

Do what you should be doing and happiness will Follow. Don’t get caught up chasing it. Set your goals high. Sky high.🌟

Are you still going to hunt down happiness?😅

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